Heritage Day Success - Thank YOU!
Wed, Jan 24 1:11pm

Italy! Turkey! China! Belgium! Japan! Ireland! Dominican Republic! Latvia! Croatia! India! Poland! Lithuania! Puerto Rico! Mexico! France! Thailand! Brazil! 

Our students "traveled" to these countries this past Saturday and delighted in food, activities, games, and more. Heritage Day is always a heartwarming event, and this year was no different. As each student's passport so eloquently said, "celebrating these stories helps make everyone feel welcome in our beautiful community."

We must thank the country room hosts who brought these stories and more to life with their time and effort. It is no small feat to plan, host/entertain, and then return a classroom back to its original shape. Thank you, room hosts! 

We must also thank Brad Allen, for being the sole lead on this event. He oversaw the organization and coordination of the day, and he knocked it out of the park! 

This event wouldn't have succeeded without all these helpful volunteers (please give them an extra smile or high-five next time you see them in person!):

  • Ayça Aksu
  • Yumi Kobayashi
  • Christine Canedo-Pullan
  • Carolyn Vadino
  • Caroline Reginelli
  • Ved Prakash
  • Tara Bose
  • Elif Karakurt Franco
  • Biba Milioto
  • Rebecca Cetta
  • Cara Allen
  • Jenny Mai
  • Shirley Chan
  • Spring Hofeldt
  • Sompon Oerlemans
  • Jennifer Jerutis
  • Julia Wu
  • Bartek Ringwelski
  • Allie Merriam
  • William McCormack
  • Maarten Peeters
  • Audrey Stipanovich
  • Alexandre Stipanovich
  • Selima Wandoren
  • Mari Dutra
  • Carolina Mourthe
  • Nadia Benlarbi
  • Ms. Rinah
  • Security Officer Sharon
  • Frankie, Joe and the other custodial staff

We hope to welcome even more countries next year! The more stories we can share at Heritage Day and beyond at PS 107, the more our students learn about the world. If you have an idea for a country room for next year, do not hesitate to reach out to Gemma and Audrey

Thank you,

PS 107 PTA