How to Donate your P-EBT Funds
Thu, Oct 22 3:09pm

 1. Do not give away or destroy your card

  • It cannot be used by another person. It acts as a debit card (rather than single use gift card), and additional funds may be distributed to it later in the year.

2. Give a donation to one of these Brooklyn food programs

  • Use your card for your own groceries and donate to South Brooklyn Mutual Aid, which supports food deliveries to our sister school, P.S. 169.
  • Use your card for your own groceries and donate to Cypress Hills Network for Good, which provides support for three food pantries in East New York.
  • Visit Windsor Terrace Food Coop in person or online (you don’t have to be a member) to donate your actual P-EBT money to the nonprofit People in Need. 

3. Give a donation for supplies for P.S. 169 kids

  • PS 169 has nearly 1000 students working remotely who do not have access to the supplies they would normally use in the classroom. From now until November 20, we can donate in $25 increments to Edukit for them. 

 4. How to Activate Your Card and Use It 

  •  Call 1-888-328-6399 
  •  Check your card balance by calling the number above or visiting
  •  If you need additional help, call 1-833-452-0096 (staffed 8:30am – 5:00pm, Monday – Friday), or email:
  •  You can use P-EBT to buy food at retail food stores, such as supermarkets and local stores. 
    • Union Market, Steve’s 9th St, Awesome Organic and Food Train all accept EBT cards
    • The Bad Wife does not take EBT cards
    • You can also register your card for Amazon Prime/Pantry Items
    • You can use the card at Whole Foods,  but you must go in person. You cannot use the card with the Amazon Prime Now/Whole Foods app
  •  NYC farmers’ markets take EBT cards and offer an incentive to use them: for every $5 you spend, you get a $2 certificate to be used at the market. You may need to purchase wooden tokens with your card.
  • P-EBT food benefits are available on your card for one year from the date they are issued