Fri, Aug 27 4:00pm

Important Information About The Return To School (Part I)


Hello Families,


Please read through this post carefully. There is a lot of information to take in. We will be covering all of this in our Town Hall Meeting on August 31st as well. The zoom link for that will be posted on Konstella the day of the meeting.



The NYC Department of Education has released a health and safety guide for the forthcoming school year which you can access HERE. A pdf is also attached to this post.


If you have any questions about anything you read in the guide or anything else health and safety related that you would like to submit to us prior to the Town Hall Meeting please email questions to by Sunday, August 29th and we will do our best to work answers to these questions into our presentation.



You will notice that throughout the guide, it will refer you to your NYC Schools Account - This is a NYC DOE parent account from PreK - 12th grade where parents/guardians can view all of their children’s records - grades, fitnessgrams, attendance, your child’s DOE email, etc. At least one parent/guardian will need to have access to this account. We strongly encourage all parents/guardians to have their own account. Any parent with children in grades 1-5 who does not have their own NYSCA,, please contact for instructions and your unique account creation code.


PLEASE NOTE: Incoming PreK and Kindergarten families will need to wait until closer to the first day of school when their child’s Student ID (aka OSIS number) will be generated. Once your child has been given their ID number, I will share directions along with unique account creation codes with you to open your NYCSA. 



Due to social distancing requirements for unmasking and eating, we need to use all spaces inside and outside to spread out and eat lunch. The big yard will be used for recess while the little yard, the garden and sidewalk space will be used for outdoor lunch whenever weather permits. We desperately need parent volunteers for all lunch periods to help us in all of these areas. There is a possibility that we could pay someone willing to be a daily volunteer for our lunch periods if we could get that commitment. Please let us know if you can volunteer and what kind of commitment you could make - daily, weekly, up to 3 days per week via our survey linked below. Our lunch periods are 11am - 2:00pm daily. Please fill out this form by Sunday, August 29th if you can help. Thank you for considering this! 



Due to capacity limitations of our cafeteria, we need to understand how many people need early drop-off daily or on an occasional basis (once or twice a week) so that we can figure out how to best accommodate the needs of our community. The regular school day starts with 8:20AM drop off. Early Drop Off starts at 7:45AM with breakfast in the cafeteria.

Please fill out the form below by Sunday, August 29th to let us know if you need early drop off. Please only complete this form if you need early drop-off, rather than would like to have it available, as we have space constraints due to social distancing requirements. 



This is the PTA portal we use for grade-wide and school-wide communication, the PS 107 school calendar and PTA events. At least one parent or guardian should have a Konstella account. It is super helpful to download the Konstella app and make sure your settings have you receiving each notification immediately. Some things about Konstella to note:


  • You control your settings
  • Every new school year, you move your children into their new classroom when you receive your classroom assignment.
  • Konstella is managed by wonderful parent volunteers on the PTA! We are so grateful to them! If you have any Konstella questions you can send them to or
  • If you are no longer a parent at this school you can simply go into your settings and remove PS107 from your Konstella account. 



This is the online operating system for PS107. Any form that we need you to fill out and return (registration forms, health forms, permissions slips) will be done via Operoo. Also, information that the school needs to communicate with you on a private server, will be done via Operoo (like the classroom/teacher assignments you just received this week as one example).


We ask that all parents/guardians have their own Operoo account. Operoo will always push out a form or announcement to one parent first and then the other parent about 1.5 hours if the first parent has not acknowledged the form. If you do not have your own Operoo account, email to get one set up.



Soon we will be sending home forms for the new school year including the emergency contact form, health forms, media consent, COVID testing consent, neighborhood/park visit permission slips, daily dismissal forms, and more. There may be some overlap with information that the NYC DOE would like on your NYCSA so we ask that you do both when there is overlap and we apologize for any inconvenience. 


More about all of this to come on August 31st!


If you have any questions please get in touch with via email. 


Thank you!

Pamela Rosenberg

Parent Coordinator