Important Information About the Return to School (Part II)
Wed, Sep 8 3:35pm

September 2021


Dear PS 107 Families, 


We’re so excited to welcome your children back to school on Monday, September 13th! Our staff have been working hard to create safe and comfortable learning environments for your children. I’m writing to provide a few important updates about the start of the school year. 


School Day Logistics

This year, we will have a regular school day, which begins at 8:20 am and ends at 2:40 pm. All grades, Kindergarten through 5th grade, will have a full day on the first day of school, September 13th. Pre-K will have a phased-in start, the schedule for which all Pre-K parents received in August. 


We will be using all available entrances for arrival and dismissal to facilitate physical distancing. For the first week of school, your child’s teacher will come to this location to pick up the class. If your child is being dismissed at the end of the day to you or a caregiver, they will also be dismissed from this location.  Your child's arrival and dismissal instructions will be available soon on Operoo.


Our in-house afterschool program begins for all registered children K to 5 on the first day of school!  For PreK afterschool begins on 9/20. Teachers will dismiss students directly to the afterschool program. The afterschool program will communicate with you directly about dismissal from afterschool. 


Please remember to let your child's teachers know who is picking up your child each day on the Operoo Dismissal Form.  If your child is transitioning to afterschool please indicate that they are going to PS 107 afterschool program on your form. 


As noted in an earlier communication, we have very limited space for students who need to be dropped off at school earlier than 8:20 am. We are finalizing logistics to maximize physical distancing and will reach out next week to all families who indicated that they need early drop-off in the survey we sent a few weeks ago. Early arrival will begin on Monday, September 20th. 


Health and Safety Procedures

If you have not yet done so, please take a look at the DOE’s Health and Safety guidance for the 2021-22 school year. If you were not able to attend our Town Hall on 8/31, you can also refer to this presentation with details about PS 107’s Health and Safety plans for this school year.


All students will need to complete a daily health screener prior to entering the school building. This can be completed digitally on Operoo, and you will show the green check indicating your child is cleared to enter the building, to the staff member at your child’s arrival location. Please take these daily health screenings seriously and please keep your children home if they are feeling sick. If you need to complete a paper health screening, you can do so when you arrive at school.  


We have planned for classes to eat lunch and have recess outdoors as much as possible. Every class has been assigned an outdoor eating location, and they will either eat and then play or play and then eat. In the event of inclement weather, students will eat either in their classroom or the cafeteria. Students will sit at least three feet away from one another and will not face one another.  Indoor recess will take place in classrooms. Students will be masked and distanced during indoor (and outdoor) recess. 


Parents will be permitted in the school building only to drop off your child late or sign them out early. Please note that everyone entering the building must complete a health screening form and wear a mask in order to be admitted to the building. You must also sign in with our safety agent, Agent Sharon. (Please remember your ID to sign in!)


If you have not yet done so, please complete a COVID testing consent form for your child in grades 1-5 (students in Pre-K and K won’t be tested at school) on Operoo.


Finally, if your child must keep medication at school, such as an inhaler for asthma or an epipen for allergies, please be sure to complete a medical administration form, which can be found here. Please reach out to our nurse Kara Napoli with questions about this form and keeping medication at school. 


Academic and Social-Emotional Priorities

Class sizes are smaller than usual to maximize physical distancing. This has the added benefit of teachers being able to spend even more time with each student and to closely monitor their academic progress and emotional well-being. While we always prioritize emotional health, this school year in particular, we will be focusing on learning about emotions and coping strategies; building warm, welcoming communities in our classroom;, and providing additional support to students who need it. If you have any concerns about your child, please reach out to our guidance counselor, Sarah Green, or our social worker, Colleen Dondero


As you may have heard, the DOE is also ensuring that every school has key data on students’ academic needs. We will be administering what are called “universal screeners” in reading and math to every student three times per year. These screeners are very quick to administer and provide a wealth of information about student skills and where additional support may be . We will continue to keep you informed about all of the assessments that we are administering and the information that we are learning from them. 


Upcoming Events

We invite all new-to-PS 107 families to join us at our PTA welcome breakfast in the big yard on Monday, September 13th at 9 am. We will also have the following events in the month of September/earlyOctober (all of these meetings will be held over Zoom, with links forthcoming): 


  • 9/14: Kindergarten Orientation, 9 am
  • 9/15: PreK Orientation, 9 am
  • 9/21: 5th Grade Meeting with the Principal, 9 am
  • 9/22: 1st Grade Meeting with the Principal, 9 am
  • 9/23: PTA Meeting, 6:30 pm
  • 9/28: 2nd Grade Meeting with the Principal, 9 am
  • 9/30: 3rd Grade Meeting with the Principal, 9 am
  • 10/4: 4th Grade Meeting with the Principal, 9 am

Classroom teachers will also host curriculum conferences toward the end of September (dates TBD) where they will share detailed information about what this year will look like for your children.


While it likely feels that we are collectively still living through a long and unstable period, all of us at PS 107 know that this school year will be filled with joy, learning, and community. These are the things that will be our bedrocks as we continue to navigate through these challenging times, together.  


With great appreciation for all that you do, 


Joanna Cohen