Improvements to the Big Yard--WHAT you need to know and HOW you can help NOW!
Mon, Jan 10 7:36pm


Exciting news ‼ As mentioned in the last PTA General Meeting, Ms. Joanna has a vision for upgrading the Big Yard playground. To make this a reality for our kids and community, our we need your help by getting involved in two ways: 


  1. Vote by January 23rd through Participatory Budgeting by "Endorsing" PS 107's Big Yard project. See below for additional information about the Participatory Budgeting process through City Council District 39. Or CLICK HERE to endorse now. And spread the word! Forward this to your friends, neighbors, and neighborhood groups. We need as many endorsements as possible!  
  2. In the meantime, school leadership and the PTA want to make some immediate improvements to our kids' daily experience in the Big Yard. Stay tuned for information next week on how you can support some short-term upgrades to the Big Yard playground. We think you'll love what we have in store! 


Participatory Budgeting: How It Works 


There are 6 phases to the Participatory Budgeting process: 

  1. Idea Collection 11-08-2021 through 01-23-2022  ⬅️This is where we are right now. 
  2. Submission of Ideas to Agencies and Organizations 01-24-22 through 02-11-2022
  3. Finalization of Ballots 02-12-2022 through 03-11-22
  4. Vote Week Promotion and Site Selection 03-12-2022 through 04-01-2022
  5. Vote Week 04-02-2022 through 04-10-2022
  6. Project Reveal 04-17-2022 through 04-22-2022

We are currently in the first phase and are requesting as many endorsements as possible to have it included on the final ballot.


Click here to endorse PS 107's Big Yard playground project.  


Please spread the word to your neighbors and fellow PS 107 community members. Endorsements end on January 23rd! 


Questions about Big Yard playground improvements? Contact Ms. Joanna or PTA Co-President, Jennifer Jerutis


Thank you!