Information for 100% Remote Families
Thu, Sep 10 10:54am

Hello Families of 100% Remote Students,


We know you are eager to obtain information about remote school days for your children.  


The DOE has set aside Wednesday - Friday, September 16, 17 + 18 as Classroom Orientation Days


You will hear from your child's teacher on Monday 9/14 via email and in that email they will let you know when your classroom orientation(s) will take place during that three day period.  You will learn about your child's daily school schedule in your classroom orientation directly from your child's teacher.


The chart below outlines the amount of synchronous or "live" screen time per day. It will not be one chunk of time but broken up into smaller periods.  These synchronous periods will be scheduled during school hours - so sometime between 8:30am and 2:00pm. 


Synchronous Expectations (In Minutes) By Grade for Full Remote Classrooms

Grade Level




Jan - Feb


20-30 minutes

20-30 minutes

20-60 minutes

20-60 minutes


65-75 minutes

60-80 minutes

80-90 minutes

120 minutes


75-85 minutes

80-90 minutes

90-100 minutes

120 minutes


80-95 minutes

90-100 minutes

95-110 minutes

130 minutes

3rd - 5th

90-110 minutes

100-120 minutes

100-150 minutes

150-210 minutes


Once the school has open, we will plan for days and times when parents can come pick up materials for remote learning in a socially distant and safe way in the big yard. These plans are not set yet and we will advise once confirmed.


I assure you that we are spending every moment of the day planning for the school year ahead and are sharing information as soon as we can. We know you are all eager to know about your child's day and that information is forthcoming.


Thank you for your patience while we plan for the school year ahead.


Best - Pamela