Join The Green Committee!
Mon, Dec 12 1:31pm


Do you have a passion for the planet? Do you want to share it with the PS107 community?

The Green Committee is getting started again and needs your help! 

Together with Ms. Rinah, we are focusing on low-waste and green practices. We are seeking volunteers to help us achieve this -- specifically, people who can help at PTA events with recycling and education, organize green volunteer activities (e.g. clean-ups, gardens), partner with teachers on green initiatives, or carry forward your own green ideas! We need you! 

Please contact Kajal Patel Below ( or sign up here: Green Committee

Finally, a local green tip for the whole PS107 community as we do our holiday shopping:  All the new toys and clothes have a large carbon footprint. Give second hand! Did you know you can post what you’re looking for in your neighborhood Buy Nothing Group on Facebook or in the Park Slope Parents Classifieds and someone is likely to have it for you, free or at little cost? I know people who have covered nearly all their kiddo’s wishes this way, with zero waste. Give it a try!