Join The PS 107 Diversity Committee for 3 Events This Week To Fight Racism
Mon, Jun 8 12:18pm
Hello PS107 Community,
We wanted to invite everyone to join us in three events and to support Black Lives Matter. 
  1. We wanted to remind everyone of the Family Friendly March protesting racism and police brutality organized by PS10 on Tuesday, June 9th from 2-3pm. It will start at K280 and go to PS10. We'd like to invite any 107 families who plan to attend to first meet at our school and we can walk over together.  The big yard will be open so we will have a space where we can convene and maintain social distancing. We plan to leave at 1:15pm to give us ample time to get to K280 safely. Bring your protest signs and please remember to wear masks and keep 6 feet apart for social distancing. We appreciate PS10 extending the march to the community at large. 
  2. We are kicking off PS 107's "Spread Love and Stand Against Racism" campaign today. It's a way for students, staff and families to use art to share a message against racism and spread love for those impacted by it. We have created a kudoboard where everyone can post their work
    Ms. Julie also  created this awesome lesson for the project. . It will also be posted in GC for your kids.
    We hope families will take a pic of their art/sign for our kudoboard so we have a digital collection for our community. We are asking everyone to post by 6/16. We also are encouraging families who participate in the march to use their art/signs for that.
  3. Finally, we will be creating a PS 107 Words of Support Wall on 6/9. Families/staff can hang their art/signs on our fence at school. We recommend posting near the corner of 8th ave and 14th St for the best visibility for everyone. 
We know our kids are looking to take action in combating racism.  Feel free to share any additional actions you and your family have taken or plan to take.

Any questions or comments please email Ms Rinah at

We are PS107!
The Diversity Committee