Join the 2023 Fall Festival Planning Committee
Excited Autumn Leaves GIF by PBS KIDS

We're thinking ahead for our annual Fall Festival and forming the planning committee now!  The Fall Festival is a beloved community event for PS 107, where last year there were so many activities we spilled out of the Big Yard and onto 14th Street! We had...

  • Bounce Houses!
  • Pumpkin Painting!
  • Mehndi!
  • Crafts!
  • Music!
  • Bake Sale!
  • Pie & Chili Contests!
  • And so much more!

If being a part of planning this amazing event sounds exciting to you please sign up to be on the committee.  We have strong documentation from years past, so in no way will you and your committee members be starting from scratch.  This is a great opportunity to take an incredible event and make it even better!


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