Kids Helping Kids: That's Trick or Treat For UNICEF!
Mon, Oct 28 6:23pm

Dear Parent or Guardian,

PS 107, The John W. Kimball Learning Center, is participating in the ‘Kids helping Kids’ UNICEF campaign this year as part of our goal to help our students know they have power to make a difference in the world and be a power for good. We’re asking those who’d like to participate to collect whatever coins they can in the special UNICEF boxes and return them to school after Halloween. They may want to collect the donations while trick-or-treating, or by earning money, or by asking friends and family. We know you’ll make sure they do this in a wise and safe way. has many wonderful videos to help kids see where children need help and how UNICEF is helping. It’s very important that they understand the good they’ll do. The money collected this year will mainly go to help those suffering from the devastation due to the war in Yemen and Hurricane Durian in the Bahamas. These children need safe shelter with their parents, clean water, food, and good schools and medical care.

Please return the boxes to the classroom by November 8th. If you miss the deadline, directions on the box tell how to send in the donation, however small.  Every cent counts. 



Sponsored locally by

Brooklyn for Peace

(718) 624-5921