Last Call for the Eat & Greet Progressive Dinner!
Tue, Oct 23 10:56am

Last call for Eat & Greet Progressive Dinner Hosts!
Due to popular demand, online ticket sales have closed early for the 2018 Eat & Greet on Saturday evening, November 3rd.
HOWEVER, if we can get additional hosts to sign up for dinner and / or dessert courses we would be able to open more spots!
And if we can open up a few more spots, that means we can have more fun, AND it means, more importantly, that we can raise more money to support the incredible work being done by our PTA to provide robust resources to all of our kids.
By hosting you will be directly impacting both the number of people who are able to enjoy the evening AND the amount of money this fun and important night generates!
Please email Heidi at if you are able to help expand the event, or if you'd like to be placed on the waiting list for guest tickets.
Dinner hosts for as few as 6 or as many as 14 are needed. Your guests will provide the wine and will have already eaten appetizers - you just need to provide the main meal!  Dessert hosts for 30-40 guests are also needed. Your guests will bring dessert to share, potluck style. All you need to provide is a space to gather and some appropriate beverages.


If you are willing to cook, but don't have space to host, or have space but can't / don't want to cook, also feel free to speak up and we'll try to do some matching.


It's your last chance to be an integral part of this phenomenal community building and fundraising event! We look forward to hearing from you!
Heidi, Liz, Amanda, Heather and the 2018 Eat & Greet Committee