Last Chance to Order School Supplies!
Thu, Aug 8 10:31pm

Did summer get away from you?

Did you forget to order school supplies from EduKit?

If so, the last chance to order them is TOMORROW, Friday, August 9.

Click here: Remember to select the grade your child(ren) are entering in September!

If you don't order the supplies from EduKit, you can always entertain your kids with the "School Supply Scavenger Hunt" one day in August. Here's how to play:

Find that list that was sent home, or you can print off a new one here (

Go to Save On 5th, find 3 items.

Go to DII Deals & Discounts, find 2 items.

Go to RiteAid, find 1 item. Wait in line for 10 minutes.

Go to Target, find 5 items, (plus 15 other things you didn't need), spend $100+, wait in line for 15 minutes.

Go to Staples. Spend 40 minutes trying to find things. Find 2 items.

Bring everything home.

Order the remaining 15 items off of Amazon.

Remember to bring it with you the first day of school.

Or, you could just stop, go to right now and spend 10 minutes and be done with the whole process. . . .

If you have any questions, please contact Erin Sheth at