Leaves! And Green Committee updates
Mon, Oct 23 10:36am

Hi all - October is a time when we are all appreciating Mother Nature as we ogle leaves. My walks are definitely longer now! On to business…


  1. PS107’s sustainability coordinator! We are thrilled that science teacher Crystal Barnes (goes by Barnes) has taken on the role of PS107’s Sustainability Coordinator (thank you!). She will be incorporating this into many things in the school, especially the science curriculum. The DOE has set 4 themes for climate action spread through the year: Energy, Waste, Health & Wellness, and Water. Stay tuned!
  2. Event supplies -  Please consult the Green Committee’s event guidance as you do any planning or donating of items… including for class parties! Our goal is that any new supplies are non-plastic or reusable, to the greatest extent possible. We are first exhausting all existing supplies from the closet, so use those first. If you need help with this, reach out to the Green Committee!
  3. Green thumbs? We need you!  Ms. Joanna and Ms. Rinah would like to do a living wall in the cafeteria (noise reduction, air quality, beautification) and revive the outdoor garden, with the longer term goal of helping with food insecurity. Thank you to Ligia Mathias and Sareeta Amrute, who have already volunteered to help!  I suspect they’ll need support as plans form. Please email me if interested.
  4. Local tip for leftover paint: The Paintcare recycling program provides year-round drop-off sites to divert leftover paint from landfills by recycling it back into paint or other beneficial applications such as fuels and cement additives. Drop-off sites listed below.
    • Mazzone Ace Hardware (470 Court St): (718) 624-8494
    • Mazzone Ace Hardware (476 Bergen St): (718) 783-3333
    • Sherwin-Williams (555 5th Ave): (718) 369-0819
    • Big Reuse (1 12th Street): (718) 725-8925
  5. Join us! Next Green Committee meeting is November 13th at 6:30pm.  Join our WhatsApp group here, and you’ll be included in the zoom details. 

Speaking of beautiful leaves, you can plan a hike (and take a bag with you to pick up trash along the way). A friend shared this NY state site with me, so you can plan your hike to see the best foliage :-)