Make your Amazon and Fairway purchases count!
Thu, Nov 15 11:08am




More presents!

The holiday season is upon us. Which means buying lots of stuff from Amazon and Fairway. 

And this year, you can make those purchases and give to PS 107 at the same time!


When you buy on Amazon using this link, Amazon will give a percentage back to PS 107! 

(NOTE: This link is different than Amazon Smile program, as it gives a much bigger percentage.)

So click here and bookmark this link! (It only works from the Amazon website, not the mobile site, so add things on your phone, but make sure to buy from your computer!)

Here's the link again (shortened): 


Fairway is a Community Partner with PS 107. That means they will give to PS 107 a certain percentage of your purchases. All you need is a card for them to scan at purchase. We have a bunch of them available upon request! So before you go and pay for that holiday turkey, tofurkey, turduckon, or Cap'nCruchkey, contact and get your Fairway card!