Math Magic is back! Wednesdays @ 7:30am
Mon, Mar 6 8:17pm

PS 107 is reviving a pre-pandemic favorite: Math Magic!

WHAT even is Math Magic?

A weekly morning math party at PS 107 with mathemagical games, puzzles, brain teasers and activities (and friends! (and treats probably!!!)).

Oh neat. WHEN & WHERE?

PS 107, 4th floor. Wednesdays, STARTING MARCH 8, from 7:30–8:20 am.

WHO is invited?

ALL PS 107 STUDENTS who want to have fun doing math — K–5, any proficiency. It’s more party than study hall, more summer camp than homework help.

PARENTS are also welcome! There will be coffee! Parents of K–1 students who come to Math Magic are so welcome they’re required to attend 😀.

HOW does it work, tho?

Show up, join a fun group math activity, then break out into various activities of all levels. Elder mathemagicians (parents) will be there to help! 


Because math = magic and magic = fun, therefore (by the transitive property), math = fun.

Feel free to reach out to Jake ( or Derek ( with any questions.