Mood Meters and Peace Paths: A Note From Ms Sarah, PS 107 Guidance Counselor
Wed, Nov 13 1:34pm

Hello PS 107 Community- 

On Thursday 11/7, I gave a parent workshop on the value of social emotional learning. For those who were there, as well as those unable to make it, I wanted to follow up with some visuals and further explanation about two supports that we are using at 107 to help students both socially and emotionally.

Mood Meter: The first tool we are using here at PS 107 is the Mood Meter, which comes out of the RULER program from the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence. RULER stands for: Recognizing, Understanding, Labeling. Expressing and Regulating Emotions, and implementing aspects of it in schools is part of a District 15 wide initiative. Used in every classroom, the Mood Meter uses a color system to represent a differing range of feelings, from pleasant to unpleasant, and from low to high energy. I am also attaching a PDF that shows how different "feelings words" correspond with each color. Teachers are asking students to independently check in twice a day to identify how they are feeling.  Teachers are also able to notice how their students are feeling and if they need some support.

Peace Path: The other support I spoke about yesterday was the Peace Path, a resource to help resolve conflicts. This the second year that I have taught all of the classes the Peace Path, with the hope to empower our students and give them the language and tools to move past a problem. While in the beginning, many students need adult support in guiding them through the Peace Path, I have also seen students doing it independently. I am attaching both the K and 1 version of the Peace Path, as well as the grade 2-5 version. 

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions about the Mood Meter, Peace Path or anything else!




Sarah Green, Guidance Counselor
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