More About Re-Opening (9/1/20)
Tue, Sep 1 8:36pm

September 1st 2020

Dear PS107 Families,

I hope this letter finds you well in these difficult times, and enjoying the last glorious days of summer. As you may already know, Mayor De Blasio announced this morning that school reopening would be delayed by roughly one week to provide additional time for teachers to prepare and for schools to meet all necessary health and safety guidelines. 


Under this change, school will begin for ALL STUDENTS with three days of full-remote engagement starting on Wednesday September 16th. During this time, we expect to focus on our students’ social-emotional and physical well-being, to review health and safety guidelines, and to support and familiarize students and families with our learning platforms. 


On Monday September 21st Week 1 for in-person hybrid students in Cohort A will begin. Students in Cohort A will return on Tuesday September 22nd and Thursday September 24th. In-person hybrid students in Cohort B will begin on Wednesday September 23rd and will return on Friday September 25th. 

Morning arrival and afternoon dismissal will be staggered to reduce crowding, and all building entrances will be used, also to reduce crowding in any one area. In-person hybrid students in Grades 1-5, should arrive at 8:30am and will be dismissed at 2:00pm. In-person hybrid students in Grades PreK and K, should arrive at 8:40am and will be dismissed at 1:45pm.


Further information about the school day, including the specific entrance/exit for your child’s class will follow when class-teacher assignments are sent to you in the coming week. We apologize that we have been unable to provide class-teacher assignments to you yet. We are still working to resolve some staffing issues before we are able to make those assignments. 


Regarding staffing, a late agreement reached between the DOE and UFT has asked schools to provide a separate teacher when possible for in-person hybrid students on the days when they are working remotely from home. This would more than double our current staffing needs. In addition to the teachers who have received medical accommodations to work remotely, six teachers to date, we would need a minimum of seven additional teachers for this purpose. Although the DOE finally surveyed principals about staffing needs, I hold little hope that they will be able to come through with more than one or two teachers, if that. While a dedicated remote teacher for our in-person hybrid students isn’t feasible without more staff, we plan for our hybrid remote students to have an engaging and structured day that will include some synchronous instruction from at least one cluster teacher and a daily check-in with a classroom teacher, along with assignments and activities that are fully aligned to their in-person classroom instruction. The daily schedule, including the times for live instruction, will be posted in Google Classroom.


Our full remote classrooms will have a dedicated teacher who will provide a mix of synchronous and asynchronous instruction each day. The daily schedule for our full remote classrooms will also be posted in Google Classroom. The DOE/UFT agreement gave a specific range of minutes of daily live instruction for each grade in the core content areas:  ELA (Reading, Writing, Spelling/Phonics), Math, Social Studies/Science. Instruction includes whole group lessons, small group work, and/or individual conferences. The number of minutes will increase across the year. The chart below outlines these expectations.

Synchronous Expectations (In Minutes) By Grade for Full Remote Classrooms

Grade Level




Jan - Feb


20-30 minutes

20-30 minutes

20-60 minutes

20-60 minutes


65-75 minutes

60-80 minutes

80-90 minutes

120 minutes


75-85 minutes

80-90 minutes

90-100 minutes

120 minutes


80-95 minutes

90-100 minutes

95-110 minutes

130 minutes

3rd - 5th

90-110 minutes

100-120 minutes

100-150 minutes

150-210 minutes


We will hold a PreK & Kindergarten Orientation meeting for families on Zoom next week, the exact time and date will be posted later this week. More information about getting ready for in-person learning will also follow soon.


Thank you for your patience with this difficult process.  We aren’t there yet, but we are getting closer!