More Info on Opt-Ins & Full Time Instruction
Fri, Mar 26 1:39pm

Dear PS107 Families,

I am writing to share some preliminary information about how we our planning for the new opt-in period and the mayor’s push for five day a week instruction.  

With the change in distancing guidelines last week, we have closely reviewed our new classroom capacity numbers to determine whether any grades can be moved to a full time schedule.  

Our guidance from the DOE has been very clear: Our first priority is to accommodate students who want to return to the building from remote instruction and our next priority is to accommodate our high-needs students, those who receive Special Education services or are English Language Learners. When combined, our current cohorts on several grades are too large for their classrooms, even with the new guidelines.  This is before the addition of any new students who return from remote. We will explore all options but it looks unlikely we will be able to offer this on most grades.

I will share more information about dates for return as soon as I have it. 

Please remember that the Opt-In period ends on Wednesday April 7th.  

Wishing you a safe and relaxing spring vacation.