Movie Night Tickets Will Be on Sale in 12 hours -- Wed 5/3 at 8pm!
Wed, May 3 7:10am
Movie Night Tickets Go on Sale Wed at 8pm! 
Hi everyone!
We know the demand for tickets for family movie night always outweighs the number of tickets available-- sadly, we're restricted by movie licensing rules which restrict the size of our audience. This time around, we're trying two things differently in an effort to minimize disappointment:
 1- By announcing the on-sale date and time to hopefully make it easier for people to be ready to buy their tickets! 
2- By encouraging families to only buy one adult ticket to free up more tickets for kids! We realize this makes it less of a 'family' event, and understand that families with multiple kiddos in younger grades may not be able to do this, but it ensures more little ones in front of the screen. Generous friends who can take on an extra kid or two along with their own can also help us limit adult tickets and maximize kiddo attendance. If this works for you + your family- we thank you! 
With all that said- tickets for our upcoming Lyle Lyle Crocodile movie night on May 12 will be available through wufoo today, Wed May 3 at 8pm EST. be ready!
For questions, email Biba Milioto (
See you at the movies!!