NYSCA/MyStudent Update
Fri, Mar 20 3:07pm

Hello Families,


We have had to get around 400 families MyStudent accounts (NYCSA) up and running this week and I am still working my way through all of the requests for account creation codes.


There are about 50 families who have still not heard back from me yet and I will get to you early this coming week. 


Some points to clarify:


* The DOE intends to use MyStudent.nyc as a communication portal at some point but they have not started to do this yet. 

* Any information the DOE posts on MyStudent PS 107 will share on Konstella so you will not miss any communications.

* No one needs a MySchools account at this time. That directive was a mistake - like a typo. Each family only needs to activate their MySTUDENT accounts for each child.


If you are a family who needs to work out of your home during the lockdown - a First Responder, hospital worker, emergency worker, etc, and will need childcare during the coming weeks please get in touch with me at prosenberg@ps107.org 


If you are a family who will continue to need school breakfast and school lunch during the lockdown, and this is available for all DOE students, please get in touch with me at prosenberg@ps107.org


Wishing you all safe and healthy - Pamela