OK, Seriously, This Is The LAST Fall Festival Email
Fri, Oct 12 4:40pm

We promise.

No more after this.

But there were a few last things we wanted to say.

  1. When you come to volunteer, please check in with Angela near the front entrance. (She will be the crazed-looking one with the clipboard.) She'll tell you where to go.
  2. Since we had a few too many sign-ups in some slots (what is it with you people and Gear Sale?), and too few in others (Not one single person is into recycling. Not a one.), you may be switched around. If you are dead set on the Donut Eating Challenge though, we can make accommodations.
  3. If you are working at the Entrance, Tickets or Raffle, could you download the Square app on your phone before you arrive tomorrow? Our tech savvy PTA Treasurers will help you with getting it set up tomorrow upon arrival.
  4. Done some Fall cleaning and have some kids books lying around? Bring any gently used children's books for the Fall Book Sale. You can drop them off at the Book Fest table prior to the start of the festival.
  5. And finally, there are still over 100 open positions! Since you're probably sick of me asking you to Sign Up Today! I'll ask it in Welsh!

Cofrestrwch yma!!!!