Tue, Feb 23 12:35pm

Hello Families,


Beginning this mid-March 2021, parents/guardians will only be able to view their child's Report Cards via their own NYCSA (New York City Student Account aka:


Parents can share one login or you can each have your own. 


If you do not yet have your NYCSA up and running please EMAIL for instructions and your unique account creation code.


In addition to report cards, you will be able to view your child's complete record with the DOE including absences & lateness, fitness grams, NY State Test Scores (for grades 3 - 8 in non-pandemic years), and as your children get older you will be able to see middle and high school class schedules and access transcripts.


New this year!! - You can also VOTE in your annual district CEC  (Community Education Council) Elections via your NYCSA. In years prior only PTA Presidents would vote for these elected community representatives but now every parent/guardian has a voice.


And finally, you can access DOE forms like the Learning Preference Form and the Consent for COVID-19 Testing in School.


To clarify, this is not your child's account for google classroom or remote/virtual school and it has nothing to do with your student's school email account. This is a separate account for parents to view records and interface directly with the NYC DOE.


Please go to and make sure your account is up and running and get in touch with me at with questions.


Thank you - Pamela