One More Fall Festival Thank You!
Fri, Oct 29 2:44pm
Big Lebowski Reaction GIF by MOODMAN
To echo Ms. Joanna, a huge thank you to our PS107 community for a fantastic Fall Festival!!  
Thank you to the planners, the gazillion shift volunteers, those who stayed longer in a shift, anyone who helped kids make slime, anyone who helped with a craft that included glitter, the bakers, the set-uppers, the clean-uppers and those who came to have fun! 
Thank you for all of it!
We are happy to announce Fall Festival's gross income was over $14,000! Our community really came together to make this happen.
Specifically we'd like to acknowledge:
  • Elena Tate- Co-Chair, who arranged the food truck Tacos El Brother & artist resident
  • Eve Rosen- Co-Chair who oversaw the crafts and was the genius behind the sit-upons!
  • Spring Hofeldt & Sarah Harlow, Co-Chairs of the Art Committee who planned the amazing murals!
  • Betsy Stoel & Reem Berro, Co-Chairs of the STEM Committee for planning the super-cool pumpkin light experiment!
  • Cynthia Thaler who oversaw volunteers the day of the festival!
  • Santi and Frankie for helping set-up and take down!!!
  • Mike Lew who arranged the awesome henna artist!
  • Julie Bridgham who brought back the pie contest! 
  • Ms. Rinah and Ms. Sarah for judging the pie contest!
  • Nadine Goellner and Kelly Mirian, Co- Treasurers for overseeing the money!
  • Brittany Manley & Sarah Foster, Co- Community Outreach Chairs who ran the book sale
  • Alyson Kupferberg & Ms. Sheri for designing and selling the great 107 gear!
  • Ms. Shirley, Ms. Joanna & Ms. Pamela for gourd bowling!
  • Farrah Sanders, Shirley Wong & Audrey Stipanovich for help behind the scenes!
  • Delfina Simon for running the 5th Grade Lemonade Stand!
  • John Ore for being a champion ticket seller for almost 4 hours!
  • Diana Gatschet & Jeremy Short for taking home and cleaning the dirty paint brushes!

We hope to have more events this year. That can only happen when our community volunteers.  So please reach out if you want to plan the Auction, Spring Fling or any other idea!

Up next, Stoop Crawl 11/6! Get your tickets here!

With much gratitude,

Jen and Davina