Our Kids, Our Support
Wed, Jun 24 3:21pm

PS 107 Families,


As we look back on a school year like no other and towards next year, we know that parent support provides opportunities at PS 107 for our children that we cannot take for granted. 


With this in mind, please contribute to the Annual Fund now, before the school year ends. All gifts made now will help provide opportunities for next year. 


Together, we fund: 

  • Extra days for our guidance counselor, which are proving even more important in this hard, uncertain time; 
  • Mitigating large class sizes in the lower grades when building an academic foundation is essential for success throughout all the coming years of school; 
  • Arts - both visual and music - as a necessary component of an education; and 
  • Teachers’ professional development so that they can meet all children’s needs.


Please join the hundreds of other families who have given this year by making a gift of whatever size is right for your family - whether $10 or $2,500 - to support the Annual Fund. Your gift matters.


Right now, our kids need not only to merely get through this time, but to come out more resilient, more curious, and more flexible. With every single family’s contribution, our school strengthens. 


Thank you for your support!


Elizabeth de Velasco

VP - PTA Board, Annual Fund


P.S. Please make your gift now through Konstella. Thank you so much.