PS 107 Afterschool Information For The Start Of The School Year
Mon, Sep 7 5:28pm

Hello Afterschool Families!


We have worked hard all summer to pull everything together for our fall programming, which has been a challenge due to the changing information from the DOE and New York State. We look forward to providing families with amazing outdoor speciality programs, as well as online small group tutoring and online specialty programs.  


Afterschool classes will start on Thursday, October 1st. We will launch in-person, outdoor classes in Prospect Park (weather-permitting), as well as live online programming. Families can choose from any of these offerings and build their own, personal “mix & match” of Afterschool classes. 

Please note: Outdoor classes, such as Track or Gardening, will not provide ongoing care for the entire afternoon, but they will be tons of fun, with great learning opportunities! For those who register for any Afterschool class, there will be online “game room” activities throughout the week included with your registration. This is the perfect, safe way to socialize with peers on rainy days or days without a class scheduled.


Registration takes place by lottery (as in previous years) and runs from Saturday, September 19th, 9:00am through Thursday, September 24th, 8:00pm. Registration will freeze between September 25th and 29th, as we make behind-the-scenes magic and place children in programs.  Families that do not take part in the lottery can register for Afterschool starting on October 1st.


We are saddened to share that, although we worked all summer to make it happen, we will not be able to start the year with seamless, continual childcare from the end of the school day through 6pm. This is due to challenges with DOE permits and mandated office hours for DOE staff at the end of the school day. Parents\Guardians\Babysitters must pick up their child(ren) from school and accompany them to the drop off location, (TBA) for in-person Afterschool classes.   


We are extremely focused on the safety of our kids and teachers. At this point, all in-person programming will be held in Prospect Park. If we are granted a permit by the DOE, we will also use the schoolyard at PS107. Any in-person programming will be done in small groups, 9 children maximum, keeping the “A” and “B” cohorts set by the DOE. (For those who are remote learners, you will choose either “A” or “B” and remain with that cohort for all in-person programming.) Whenever possible, in-school pods will be maintained, and children will only engage with those in their grade. Masks will be mandated for all, and every effort will be made to keep kids 6 feet apart. Temperatures will be taken at the start of each session, and we have already stocked up on lots of PPE for children and staff.  


Please find here a link to our Afterschool Parent Guide Fall 2020 

We will send out another communication soon that will provide greater details, including specific days/times of classes. We continue to appreciate your patience as our plans come together for the fall, and we are excited to see you soon!


All the best,