PS 107 Honors Black History Month - The First Spirit Day will be Friday, Feb 2
Wed, Jan 31 1:47pm


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Black History Month officially kicks off Thursday, February 1st!


To celebrate the important contributions that African Americans have had on the fabric of our country, the DEI and Black History month committees have come together to help PS 107 students/staff and supporting communities celebrate all month long.


But first a little bit of history...Did you know that Black History Month started as Negro History Week in 1926? It was established by Dr. Carter G. Woodson, often called the ‘Father of Black History Month.' This special month is observed in February to coincide with the birthdays of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln, both of whom led the fight to end slavery in our country. 


This year’s nation-wide theme is African Americans and the Arts so in the coming weeks you'll read/hear/see spotlights of influential black figures all throughout the school; have a chance to experience black culture through dance, games, books, spirit days; and snag some fun accessories that help you represent in style! 


Friday, Feb 2 is our first spirit day we're calling "Pan-African Representation" day. Pan-Africanism is a general term for various movements in Africa that have as their common goal the unity of Africans and elimination of colonialism from their continent. In solidarity with the community, we want all of PS 107 to represent by wearing red, black, green shirts, hats, bandanas, flags, etc. and look out for the BHM Committee starting at 745am in front of the school, they'll be giving away swag to help get students into the spirit!


Thank you in advance to all the staff, teachers, and volunteers who made this year possible. While Black History month is just one month of the year, we hope that we will continuously recognize and affirm the diversity of our school and continue to build community throughout the year. 



Tre Johnson, Co-Lead

Lekan Ayanbule, Co-Lead

Ben Saunders, Anais Casimir, Bajun Riddick, Crystal Park