PS 107 Science Update!
Fri, Nov 1 1:55pm

I’m sure you have all noticed a lot of SCIENCE happening at school!

As you may already know (or if you didn’t, here’s some great news), this year the PTA has allocated more funds to support the PS 107 Science curriculum, giving  our science teachers the welcome challenge of figuring out just how to put the funding to good use!

To date, the 2nd-5th grade science teacher Mr. Tomsik has been using the new resources to get the kids offsite on field trips that support what they are learning in the classroom. So far, the trips are getting rave reviews from students and parents alike.

From Mr. Tomsik:

The PS 107 Science Program is branching out this year!  We've been conducting field work with Urban Park Rangers at the Salt Marsh Nature Center and in Prospect Park, studying things like wildlife conservation, ichthyology and the salt marsh habitat, adaptation and human impact on the environment.  Our kids have put on waders and done seine netting in the marsh, and will do microhabitat studies in the park to better understand how the health of organisms, including humans, is so closely related to the health of our environment.  We hope to continue this type of work with other project-based learning activities this year and beyond, encouraging stewardship and scientific inquiry.

We look forward to continuing to support Mr. Tomsik and Ms. Marybeth in their work. Please feel free to reach out to me about anything related to the PTA’s support of Science programs. 

Betsy Stoel

Chair of the Math, Science, and Technology Committee