PS107 - Remote Learning Plan
Thu, Mar 19 4:57pm

Dear PS107 Families,

I hope this email finds you well and keeping a positive outlook despite the grim forecast we are facing.   

Thank you for your patience this week while we develop our remote learning protocols and systems in time for Monday's roll out.  For many of us, this is an entirely new and unfamiliar way to teach, so we ask for your continued patience and flexibility as we move forward.  We know that there may be some bumps along the way, but as time goes on, the path will become easier to navigate and our skills using an online platform will become more sophisticated.  Again, your patience and flexibility - with your children and yourselves, and with us - will help us accomplish this.

I know the pressures on you are enormous, given that many of you are already working from home, while supervising your children in the absence of school.  Add to that supervising your child's daily instruction and, well, it's a lot.  As remote learning rolls out, please keep your teacher posted about managing expectations.  Be realistic and do what you can.  We do want your child to check in every day, to make an effort to complete assignments, and to develop independence, but s/he may need to build up to that point gradually.   We want to encourage you to give your child plenty of movement breaks too. Diane and Annie will share some ideas with you next week.  No child should be in front of a screen all day long. 

Google Classroom will be our instructional platform for remote learning.  On Monday your teachers will send you guidance about logging in.  We are required to monitor student 'attendance' so please log in to see the daily plan for instruction.   If your child is unable to login because of illness or another reason, please let your teacher know.

All teachers will be "in class" between 9am-3pm.  Daily instruction will be uploaded by Classroom Teachers by 10am each morning.  Cluster Teachers will provide weekly instructions by 11am on designated days for each grade.  As we more forward, teachers may use Google Hangouts to do whole class, small group, or individual instruction.

All teachers will be available for daily "Office Hours" where you or your child can get clarification or help with assignments.  Each teacher will let you know his/her Office Hours next week.

If your child works with a service provider (OT, PT, Speech, Guidance) or receives Special Education or English as a New Language services, you will be contacted next week about scheduling remote support.  Children who receive Academic Intervention Services will also continue to be supported through a remote mechanism.

As much as possible, we want our instruction to reflect a typical school day, but with the flexibility that your schedules demand.

Monday marks a new beginning for us.  Just like the first day of school, remote learning may stir up some heightened emotions.   Our teachers, and all the rest of us, are here to support you and your child as we enter this new frontier.

Please stay safe and be well.