Wed, May 8 2:59pm

This Saturday morning, The PTA Fun Run takes place in Prospect Park. Sponsored by Brad Lander, all money goes to helping fund PTA’s in Brooklyn. 
We only have 12 people signed up for the run! We need at least 25 for 107 and 25 for PS 169 to get the slice of the money. This run helps us raise money not only for PS 107 but also for our partner school who is very much in need right now after the fire that affected many of their families. 
This event is open to all ages  (parents and children) so everyone sign up and run!!  It is $25 per individual with $5/family member for up to 6 people.  Make sure you register for the PS 107 Team!


All PS 107 participants will meet at 9:30 am just inside the 15th St. entrance to the Park – look for the PS 107 Track Team banner!!