Parent Coordinator Updates - 1/29/23
Sun, Jan 29 12:24pm




Dear PS 107 Families.


Please see below for Ms. Joanna’s weekly message and updates from myself and the PTA. 




Dear PS 107 Families, 


Your child’s first report card of the year will be released on Monday, 1/30 to your New York City Schools Account. Ms Rinah and I reviewed every student’s report card and are confident that it will provide you with very detailed information about how your child is doing in all subjects, along with clear next steps for the remainder of the year. 


As a reminder, Parent-Teachers conferences are now disconnected from report card distribution, which was decided by our School Leadership Team last school year. Our next Parent-Teacher conferences are scheduled for Thursday, March 9th, and they will be here before you know it! Unless you have significant concerns that have not yet been addressed this year by your child’s teacher, please wait until conferences on 3/9 to have a conversation about your child’s progress. The intention is not for parents to schedule a third parent-teacher conference at this time. 


As noted on the report cards, PS 107’s grading scale is as follows: 


  • 4: far exceeding grade level expectations
  • 3: meeting current grade level expectations
  • 2: approaching current grade level expectations
  • 1: below current grade level expectations


All subjects are graded using this 1-4 scale, with the exception of Science, which is graded using P(ass)/F(ail).


I would encourage you not to get too stuck on number grades or reading levels. The comments your child’s teacher has written will provide far more information than numbers or levels, though I understand that numbers and levels feel straightforward, and we tend to gravitate towards them. We have a grading policy that is holistic and takes into account multiple measures —  including formal and informal assessments, teacher review of exit tickets and daily student work, and teacher observations — when assigning grades. 


Remember that your child’s reading level is but one measure of their reading skills. As we have started diving into learning about the Science of Reading as a staff, we have also learned that the leveling system that we so often refer to is not scientifically-based, and further, that reading levels were meant to be a teaching tool and not something that was ever intended to be shared with parents (or students). However, because our community has become accustomed to being provided with student reading levels over the years, we have decided to keep them in our report cards for now. As we learn about new reading assessment tools during our transition to structured literacy instruction, we will provide that information to you. 


For directions on how to access your child’s first report card on your NYCSA, please see this video. Remember that it can take between 24 and 48 hours even after January 30th for your child’s report card to appear in your NYCSA. However, if your child’s report card is not there by Thursday morning, February 2nd, please reach out to Nadia Benlarbi for assistance.


Finally, we are looking forward to seeing many of you at this Friday’s second Family Morning! As a reminder, the second third of families from all classes (with the exception of 5th grade and K-106) will be joining us this Friday, 2/3. As in January, there continues to be a great deal of respiratory illness circulating, so we strongly encourage mask-wearing for all visiting families. As well, we encourage leaving younger non-school-age siblings at home where possible. Parents will enter school with their children, at their regular location. Please be ready to show proof of COVID vaccination, along with your ID, to the staff stationed at your child’s arrival location.  


Have a wonderful week!



Ms Joanna





Report cards come out for students on Monday, January 30th and can be found in your NYCSA account for your student.

Ms Joanna shared a video to guide you in accessing your child's report card in your NYCSA account.

If your family does not have at least one account created at this time, please contact me at for instructions and your unique account creation code. 



-Helping Your Child Navigate Friendship Challenges with Sarah Green, PS 107 School Counselor

Thursday, February 9, 2023, 8:30 am, PS 107 Cafeteria + livestream


-Strengthening Executive Functions at Home: Creating a practical toolbox for our children with Anna Levy-Warren, Ph.D, founder of Organizational Tutors

Tuesday, February 14th, 8:30 am, PS 107 Cafeteria + livestream



In case you missed it, click here to read the January edition of our school newspaper! 





Family Morning is happening this Friday, 2/3/23.   On your way out, please stop by the Lost and Found on the first floor by the main office to see if your child's lost items can be found :)

As Ms. Joanna mentioned in her letter, please come in with your child and remember to have your ID and proof of one dose of the COVID -19 Vaccination.  

*Pro Tip - snap a picture of both to keep in your phone for all of our in-person events! 



If your child tests positive, please alert our Parent Coordinator, Nadia Benlarbi, at and copy Principal Joanna Cohen on your email at .



Please continue to label your children’s items with their Full Name (First,Last) and classroom.  The full name is important as we do have students with the same first name and including the classroom saves the extra step of looking up children in Operoo to find their classrooms to return the items to them.  


Please click here to view the virtual lost and found.



The 2023 Election cycle is beginning – You can learn more about Community and Citywide Education Councils and elections at information sessions that started on Monday, January 9.

Please reference the attached letter from the CEC for session dates and zoom links.





  • Parents’ Special Education Support Meeting - 12:00pm Wed Feb 1st

  • Lucky Batch online fundraiser - Support your PTA and buy some yummy cookies for Valentine's Day! Jan 29-Feb 10

  • Next PTA Meeting - 6:30pm Feb 16th 

  • Read-A-Thon - March 3rd-24th



The Parents' Special Education Support Committee will meet on Wed, Feb. 1 at noon. All are welcome to join. We'll be planning events and offering a forum to discuss our children's needs. Zoom link here and more information in the Konstella announcement here.  Questions? Message co-chairs Ginny Wiehardt ( or Amber Lewis (



We are still looking for more volunteers to get Math Magic club going.  We would really love to restore this program, but will not be able to do so unless we get more volunteers to make it possible. You do not need prior experience with Math Magic to join the team! Even if you can't be there during the period when Math Magic happens at school, but would still like to be involved, please consider signing  up to help with the planning by clicking here.

Parent volunteers will be connected with a library of activities to pull from, so would not be starting from scratch. Additionally, the PTA will support the committee with day-of volunteer recruitment as needed. The school will provide the space! Additionally, Math Magic can be whatever parent volunteers would like it to be and does not need to look the same as it did pre-pandemic. To read more about the goals of the program and details, see our recent Konstella announcement here

If you have thoughts/questions, please email our Co-Presidents, Davina Benederet and Cynthia Thaler

We are excited to announce the dates of the annual PS107 Read-A-Thon are March 3rd-24th.  We wanted to make a note that this year's Read-A-Thon will not be held over a break. This is a super fun event, especially for the book lovers out there, and we will be sharing more details soon!



The Spring Auction is coming April 28th and as the committee plans for the great event we are looking for your support.  We would love anyone who is interested in making an auction donation.  Read more about what makes a great donation from our earlier Konstella post here and email Alyse ( and Christine ( with any questions. 


Want to make your winter soups greener?  Make stock with scraps (this saves tetrapack packaging which is hard to recycle).  Just save your scraps (ends, skins) of onion, peppers, carrot, greens, herbs, etc.  Freeze them in a bag.  Include chicken/meat bones if you like. Once the bag is full, fill a pot of water and boil for a while (or do this in a slow cooker or instant pot).  This becomes your stock for cooking.  You can freeze it or use it within the week.  This is super, super low effort. Are you shaking your head, no way?  Guess what?  Bon Appetit says water is most often just fine, with a little salt, garlic, or butter. 🥕🥬


- Donate to our Annual Fund by clicking here or share this link with friends and family (a special link for non-Konstella users)
- Go to and select PS 107 Parent Teacher Association before you shop. 5% of your purchase will be donated to the PTA!
- Scan your groceries receipt with the Box Tops for Education app on your phone. It only takes a minute and any purchases with the Box Tops label on them will automatically make money for our school!



  • January 31 - Townhall with Chancellor Banks - 6:30 -7:30 pm in person or live streamed
  • February 3 - Family Mornings Cycle 1, # 2 - 8:20 to 9:10 am
  • February 9 - Parent Workshop : Helping Your Child with Challenging Friendships - 8:30-9:30 am  Cafeteria + livestream
  • February 14 -  Parent Workshop: Strengthening Executive Functions at Home: Creating a practical toolbox for our children - 8:30 - 9:30 am  Cafeteria + livestream
  • February 15 - D15 Superintendent Town Hall
  • February 16 - PTA Meeting 6:30 pm



  • February 20 - President's Day Observed - School Closed 
  • February 20 - 24 - Mid Winter Recess - School Closed


Thank you