Parent Coordinator Updates - 5/21/23
Sun, May 21 12:12pm



Hello PS 107 Families!


I hope you have found the virtual lost and found to be a useful tool in locating your child's items.

We are out of hangers at this time and would appreciate you taking a moment to click here to check for lost items.


Please see below for Ms. Joanna’s weekly message and updates from myself and the PTA. 




Dear PS 107 Families, 


The end of the school year is upon us, and everyone sure is feeling it! We are seeing an uptick in student behavior challenges, as well as difficulties with focusing and managing impulsivity across the school. This is very typical for children in school as the end of the year approaches, and there are a variety of reasons for it, including sadness about leaving their current class and teachers (especially for our 5th graders!), uncertainty about what’s to come in the next school year, and excitement about the summer ahead. 


Our staff are regularly reminding students that the year is not over yet and that it’s important that they continue to adhere to the PS 107 Community Standards. Teachers are also adding in fun activities, trips, and hands-on projects to help students keep learning in different ways, as the year draws to a close. You can help us at home by continuing to reinforce our community standards linked to above. Thank you for your support!


This Tuesday, May 23rd, from 6:30-8 pm, join us on Zoom at our final parent workshop in the series Practical Parenting for the 21st Century for The Talk: Sex Ed 2.0, with local parent and expert Rachel Lotus. Click here for all of the details, and to register. You can also register here. We hope to see you on Zoom this Tuesday!


On Wednesday, May 24th, 5-7 pm, our district is hosting a project-based learning (PBL) showcase at the Brooklyn Army Terminal, featuring PBL from across the district, including the work of two first grade teachers and their students, Ms Marissa and Ms Sharon. All are welcome to come out to the event and see the great work happening at PS 107, as well as across District 15. For details on this event, see the flyer here.   


As a reminder, we are currently working on making up new classes for the 2023-24 school year. Let us know if your family intends to return to PS 107 next school year by completing this short survey. Even if you aren’t sure yet, you can indicate that on the survey. Thanks so much for helping us to plan for the coming school year! (ICYM last week’s parent letter, take a look to see our policies and procedures related to creating new classes.)


As always, feel free to reach out to Nadia Benlarbi at or me at with anything you’d like to share or discuss!



Ms Joanna





While we hope that everyone chooses to stay at PS 107 in the next school year, we realize that sometimes change needs to happen. Please click here to complete the survey and help us plan for the 2023-2024 school year.



  • Tuesday May 23rd - 6:30 pm- Please join us for our final workshop of our series, Practical Parenting for the 21st Century  : The Talk by Rachel Lotus.  This is virtual platform. Register here to receive your link!
  • Saturday, June 3-9am to 3pm : District 15 Family Event – Learning Together
    • Please see attached flyer (click International balloon for translation)
  • Saturday, June 3-9am to 1pm : FACE will host a citywide family and community resource fair at Murry Bergtraum High School
    • Please see the attached flyer


Grade wide picnics will begin in a few weeks.  Due to some scheduling changes, we are in the process of modifying dates. A Konstella message will go out with more information this week. 



There will be a new distribution of P-EBT benefits distributed to all DOE students. Some of you may have already received these benefits.  Please click the link below for more information. 

Important Update: P-EBT BENEFITS

If you need to sign up for P-EBT benefits, you can call the PEBT hotline 1-833-452-0056 or fill out the online form:





The Alvin Ailey final presentation "Celebration" is scheduled this Wednesday at 8:45 am in the big yard.  Second grade will perform first, then third grade will perform. The show will last about 20 minutes total.

The children have really enjoyed the time they have spent with Alvin Ailey and we can't wait for you to see what they have accomplished!



If your child tests positive, please alert our Parent Coordinator, Nadia Benlarbi, at and copy Principal Joanna Cohen on your email at . We are still notifying classrooms and staff.



As recommended by the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) in alignment with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), COVID-19 test kits should now be distributed upon request for students and staff who are experiencing symptoms and/or have a known exposure to someone with COVID-19. This practice, beginning May 1, replaces the previous guidance of automatic distribution of four tests per month to each student and staff. Please see the attached letter for more information.



Please click here to view the virtual lost and found. 

Please label your child's items with FIRST and LAST NAME :)





  • CHiPS Food Drive - May 24th (and every Wednesday)

  • Recycling for $$$ Collection - May 24-25

  • MS Application Panel w/ Special Ed. Focus - May 24th

  • Spring Fling - June 7th

  • Big Yard Games - June 12th 



Remember to collect squeeze pouches, toothpaste tubes, hairdryers, and more to bring to school this week, May 24-25! A big money-making, earth-loving Green Committee initiative this month  is collecting select items to be sent to TerraCycle, a program that recycles hard-to-recycle packaging and other items. Schools can earn $50 for every 5 packages received, plus roughly $1 for every pound. We urge families to gather the items (listed in the Konstella announcement here) at home this month, empty/rinse (NOTHING DRIPPING), and then have the students bring them to school on Wednesday, May 24, and Thursday, May 25. The student Green Team will then assist with sorting & packaging. Let's see how much we can keep out of the garbage / wish-cycling... Get your extended family & neighbors in on the collection too!

Parents interested in selecting a middle school for their child with special needs are welcome to join the Parent's Committee for Special Education Support on Wed., May 24th (7-8:30) on Zoom.  A panel of parents who have been through this process will share their experiences and answer questions. Parents outside of 107 are welcome to attend. Please register here.

We're thinking ahead for our annual Fall Festival and forming the planning committee now!  The Fall Festival is a beloved community event for PS 107, where last year there were so many activities we spilled out of the Big Yard and onto 14th Street! If being a part of planning this amazing event sounds exciting to you please sign up here to be on the committee.  We have strong documentation from years past, so in no way will you and your committee members be starting from scratch.  This is a great opportunity to take an incredible event and make it even better!



We are still looking for a Co-Community Outreach Chair! This is a great opportunity to advocate for global and community-wide efforts and provide real-time support through school fundraising, activities, and volunteer events. Along with a co-chair, you can lead the PS 107 support for our Brooklyn and school communities in their times of need; this role is deeply tied to our school's values and an extremely rewarding position to fill! If you are interested or simply have further questions about the role and/or commitment, please email Davina or Cynthia 


- Donate to our Annual Fund by clicking here or share this link with friends and family (a special link for non-Konstella users)

- Order a batch of cookies from Lucky Batch using this link. Lucky Batch is a Brooklyn-based cookie company and with our “always on” bake sale they donate $5 to PS107 for every batch ordered by our family and friends.
- Scan your groceries receipt with the Box Tops for Education app on your phone. It only takes a minute and any purchases with the Box Tops label on them will automatically make money for our school!



  • May 23 - The Talk  parent workshop by Rachel Lotus 6:30 pm
  • June 2 - Peace Walk 2023 7:45 am
  • June 3 - District 15 Family Event – Learning Together 9am-3pm(see attached flyer)
  • June 3 - Citywide Family and Community Resource Fair 9am-1pm 9 (see attached flyer)
  • June 5 - Fifth Grade talent show @ PS 10 - 7pm
  • June 7 - Spring Fling
  • June 12 - Big Yard Games
  • June 15 - New Family Welcome Breakfast


  • May 29 - Memorial Day - school closed
  • June 8 - Clerical Day - no school for students
  • June 9 - Chancellor's Day - no school for students
  • June 19 - Juneteenth - school closed
  • June 27 - Last Day of School for Students


Thank you,