Parent Coordinator Updates - 9/27/22
Tue, Sep 27 2:34pm

Parent Coordinator Updates 


Hello Families, 

Please see updates from Ms. Joanna and myself, along with the PTA for what’s ahead in this short week and beyond.


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Dear PS 107 Families, 


That’s a wrap on the second full week of school – and now we have two days off for Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year). L’Shana Tova to our families who celebrate! 


Last Friday, we noticed a certain energy in the building – there were more tears and more conflict – and some of that was likely in anticipation of the extra time off this week. Many children were probably excited, perhaps for time with family or a mini-vacation. Other children may have felt concerned about missing the regular routines that school brings. Regardless, a change in what they’ve become accustomed to can bring up a range of feelings in children that may manifest in more tears and more conflict because they have trouble verbalizing what’s at the root of their feelings. This is all normal. 


Two important skills that we work on with children at PS 107 are naming their emotions and developing strategies to work through big feelings. Many of our classrooms are using the Kimochis social-emotional learning curriculum and are learning that all feelings are OK, but not all behaviors are OK. We can feel angry with our friends, but we can’t hit them. We can feel frustrated with our school work, but we can’t yell at our teachers. What can we do? We can recognize what we’re feeling and use a coping strategy (children will be learning a range of these this year) to help calm our body and our mind. And then we can use our words to share what’s going on for us. 


This is not a linear or simple journey for any child! Our prefrontal cortex, which helps us to make rational, considered decisions, does not fully develop until we are around 25 years old. And for those of us with any sort of neurodiversity (ADHD, autism, anxiety, etc) or for those of us who have experienced trauma, our prefrontal cortex develops even more slowly. At PS 107, we are helping our students understand how their brains work so that they can have a successful experience in school — and beyond. 



Ms Joanna






Over the summer, we held a lottery for our Early Bird Program.  We are now at capacity and cannot accommodate additional students and maintain the safety needed for supervision. If you are interested in participating in the program, please complete click here to add your name to our Early Bird Waitlist and we will notify you of any openings.  You can also email Nadia Benlarbi at .



All families should complete the Family Income Inquiry Form, which helps schools receive money for their programs, whether or not they qualify for free or reduced lunch. If you haven’t done so already, please complete this important form as soon as possible! 



Positive cases of COVID in students must still be reported to the DOE’s Situation Room; therefore, if your child tests positive, please alert our Parent Coordinator, Nadia Benlarbi, at and copy Principal Joanna Cohen on your email at



Missing a water bottle? A favorite sweater? A book? 

Click here to view our new virtual lost and found document. If you see something that belongs to you, please email Nadia .



Please be sure to send your children to school with a full change of clothes.  Accidents can happen easily when they are younger as they often get distracted and don’t check in with their bodies. Please be sure to return your child with a new set the next day if they need to be replaced. 





  • Movie Night - This Friday, Friday September 30th, Doors open 6:30pm, Encanto starts at 7:00pm
  • Fall Festival - Sat, Oct 15
  • Picture Day - Mon, Oct 17
  • Tea Collection’s School Days - Oct 17 - 23
    • Tea Collection’s - PS107 community members can use a unique promo code to get 20% off  their orders placed between Oct 17 - 23. Promo code coming soon! 
  • Stoop Crawl - Fri, Oct 28



A huge shout-out to all the volunteers that have already signed-up for our Auction, STEM Day, Craft Fair, and Website Content.  We are excited to see the interest and grateful to have the help from our community.  There are still a few open spots, so if  you are interested in any of the committees, check the sign-up announcement from last week.



We wanted to celebrate and thank everyone that has jumped in to be a class parent. All classes are ready to go for the year with these wonderful class parents (see below). If you see your child's class only has one parent, please consider helping out by emailing your teacher and


  • PK-107: Maryanne Cruz
    • Alexandra Varipapa
    • Julia Melzer
  • K-101: Samantha Secker
    • Carolyn Vadino
    • Gemma Niblett
  • K-105: Lisa Silvetti/Arelys Vasquez
    • Alison Merriam
    • Zoë Young
    • Kate Polevoy
  • K-106: Sheri Silverstein
    • Elise Batscha
    • Eric Batscha
  • K-108: Johanna Maron
    • Mechelle Chestnut
    • Ella Sherifova
    • Jess Saunders 
  • 1-102: Marissa Bateman
    • Ethan Mitchell
    • Leah Holzer
    • Elena Tate
  • 1-201: Siobhan O'Donnell /Kerri Pramberger
    • Erin Sheth
    • Cara Caraben
  • 1-202: Jeannie Garcia
    • Michael Lew
    • Rehana Mirza
  • 1-207: Sharon Rauceo
    • Alyse Dosik
    • Elizabeth Jordan
  • 2-203: Gina Fahmy
    • Nicole Williams
  • 2-205: Julie Tayala / Stephanie Chase
    • Marissa Velez
  • 2-206: Myeia Reid
    • Jenny Gallardo-Stern
  • 3-204: Shannon Brown / Brian Gorenstein
    • Carolyn Vadino
    • Evan Johnston
  • 3-208: Gary Proulx / Nelley Augustin
    • Michelle Carman
  • 3-304: Tamara Chebar
    • Sareeta Amrute
    • Nana Yamakawa
  • 4-303: Amber Carlin-Mishkin
    • Sarah Baratti
  • 4-307: Jennifer Tirado / Renee McAnney
    • Emily Hager
    • Todd Lawton
    • Catharine Kendall Hannoosh
  • 4-308: Marybeth LoPorto / Sarah Hunt
    • Julia Kalachnikoff
    • Pauline Vermare-Lesser
  • 5-301: Michael Carlson / Katie Coombe
    • Lesley Oseep
    • Laura Gibson-Rimer
  • 5-305: Shirley Harkins / Michele Dente
    • Kelly Durkin Mirian
    • Laurie Tamis
  • 5-306: Ed Schulz
    • Sarah Ladner Gomez
    • Jen Rubinetti Zafaranloo




  • September 28 - Meet the Principal Meeting for First Grade Families * Link can be found HERE
  • September 30 - 6:30pm Fall Movie Night in the Big Yard! (Tickets are SOLD OUT)
  • October 7 - PS 107 Day! 
  • October 15 - Fall Festival - Stay tuned for information from our PTA 
  • October 17 - Picture Day - Details coming home soon




  • October 5th - Yom Kippur, schools closed
  • October 10 - Italian Heritage / Indigenous Peoples' Day, schools closed 


Hope you all had a restful long weekend!

Thank you,