Parent-Led Morning Math Magic Club Needs...Parents!

Calling all math enthusiasts!

We are seeking parent volunteers to design and lead the “Math Magic” club and restore this beloved tradition at PS 107. Prior to Covid, this was a parent-led math club that took place in the mornings before the start of the school day.

Math Magic is intended to be inclusive of all levels of math fluency. The goal is to not only support proficiency, but more importantly to grow confidence and help foster a love for math that will remain with our kids long after their days at 107. In prior years, this was accomplished through collaborative games and activities, math puzzles, and core concepts. Volunteers can be creative and make Math Magic what they want it to be! Ultimately, the aim is to encourage every child to have fun with parents and peers as they discover their inner mathmagician!
If you're excited about this idea or have further thoughts/questions, please email our Co-Presidents, Davina Benederet and Cynthia Thaler The PTA team will always be there to help any Math Magic volunteers with event organization, communication, sign-ups, etc.
Thank you!
PS 107 PTA


Math Magic Club Volunteers Signed Up: 8 / 10

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