Park Slope Afterschool Center - Update December 2022
Sun, Dec 4 1:07pm



This fall was a whirlwind of activity as the afterschool program and specialty classes got up and running. Now, as I walk around the building and see students engaged in so many interesting activities, I am grateful that PS 107 has this robust afterschool program to service its students and families. Thank you for sharing your children with us.


Some notes and reminders as we head towards the close of 2022:



We are delighted to partner with the Park Slope Armory YMCA for indoor track again this winter. The schedule is as follows:


Wednesdays from 3:00pm – 4:00pm (grades 1, 2 and 3)

Fridays from 3:00pm – 5:00pm (grades 3, 4, and 5)


Tuesday and Thursday track will continue to be outside weather permitting.

Alumni are welcome to run any day indoors or outside.


If you are in Tuesday or Thursday track and want to change to the indoor program, please fill out THIS FORM.


If your child is already in Wednesday or Friday track and you do not wish to make any changes, you do not need to fill out the form.



Signing out your child can take place two ways:

  1. Digitally – using the QR Code below (and attached) and showing us the email sign-out receipt on your phone when you approach the sign-out table.
  2. Sign Out Book – use pen and paper to sign out in the book by grade.


For the safety of all children please do not crowd around the entrance or sign out desk and wait for families in front of the line to get their children and exit before approaching.


Your children take time to pack up and tidy their space in the middle of playing or doing homework, so we also ask for your patience. It is imperative that we get each child connected to their parent/caregiver and crowding makes that difficult, especially on inclement weather days. Please be prepared to wait.


ALL PICKUPS MUST HAPPEN FROM SCHOOL. Your children cannot be picked up from a program in Prospect Park and/or from the Armory. 


Dogs are never allowed on school property.


Anyone picking up a child from afterschool must be listed as a PICKUP CONTACT in 6crickets.


Pro Tip: If using mobile signout, fill out the form 5-10 minutes before you come to school and have the email receipt open on your phone when you arrive.



Classes cannot be interrupted for a pickup.


Please let us know if you want to pick up your child at a time they would normally be in a program and we will hold them back from going that day. You can email in the morning before noon at or text in the afternoon at 347.786.0483. Reference your child’s first name/last name/grade in all correspondence via email or text. Thank you!


In order to avoid arriving while your child is in a specialty program, you can view their schedule on 6crickets by logging in and clicking on the little schedule (calendar) icon on the upper right side.



Afterschool is flexible with regards to homework.

Do you want all homework to be done at home?

Only math? Only reading?

Or do you want to make sure all of it is done during afterschool?

We would like to accommodate your preference.

Any instructions about homework should be sent to us in writing, via email at If we do not have instructions stating otherwise, all students will be encouraged to complete homework during afterschool per the homework guidelines set by PS 107:


Any children who are in two-hour specialty programs that go to the park from 3pm-5pm like some Track and Naturalist Club classes, will not do homework at school.





Some classes will have “Showings”. This is an opportunity to come see your child’s specialty program in action and not a performance. We are limiting time in the classroom to reduce the chance for spreading virus. Invitations for participating specialty programs will be sent via 6crickets so please look out for them in your email this week.


  • Programs with up to 10 students can have 2 guests per child.
  • Programs with 11 - 20 students can have 1 guest per child.
  • All guests must be in 6crickets (parent or pickup contact)
  • Any guest must have at least one vaccine per NYC DOE regulations.
  • Masks are not required, but are encouraged.
  • All guests will need to have photo ID and proof of one vaccine to show School Safety when signing in.
  • Not all programs will have showings this December
  • More in-depth showcases will be planned for Spring when we can be outside.



 In January we will post any open seats in our Specialty Classes with instructions on how you can add yourself to the waitlist. These seats will be put up for lottery.


We will also be adding a few new classes to the schedule and those will also be put up for lottery.


All lotteries will be weighted for current afterschool students, who did not get a class in the lottery during the first session.


More information about this is forthcoming.



 Other than Track, all change requests for Specialty Classes will be on-hold right now while we prepare for the new January mini-lottery.


You are still able to drop a class and/or change your membership type anytime. All changes to membership type must be received before the 1st of any month.



 Only 5th Graders can self-dismiss with a signed release form. 5th Graders are not allowed to escort younger siblings home.



Afterschool provides one packaged snack (like Potato Chips, Pirate Bootie, Pretzels or Fig Bars, etc) and one fresh fruit (banana, apple, clementine, etc). Some children who stay in afterschool until 6pm get hungry around 5/5:30 and sometimes we have extra fruit on hand but not always. Please check with your child and consider sending an extra snack.



Afterschool is over and closes at 6pm. Please be respectful and arrive before then to pick up your children.  Take weather and potential train and traffic delays into consideration when planning your commute to pickup your children.



  • Extra Clothes – please have an extra set of clothes available for our youngest students who have accidents
  • Label your Items - Please label your belongings with first and last name
  • Cold Weather Gear - Please make sure your children have hats and gloves/mittens for outdoor play in cold weather
  • Water bottles - Please send one to school with your child every day
  • No glass water bottles are allowed.
  • Pokemon - Cards are not allowed in school but we do allow children to play with them in afterschool.  However, afterschool is not responsible for lost cards.



Afterschool is open on Friday, December 23rd. In order to have the right number of staff present on this date, please let us know if you are planning to have your child(ren) attend afterschool on this date by filling out  THIS FORM.


Any questions about afterschool? Please contact