Please Fill Out Your Economic Survey (Lunch Form)
Wed, Oct 6 3:14pm

Dear Parents & Guardians

At the start of every school year all families are required to submit a Lunch Form, which is now known as the Economic Survey.  


This year we are hoping that 95% of families will submit a Economic Survey/Lunch Form.

In NYC breakfast and lunch is free for all students, but we still need families to submit the form as it is tied directly to funding the school receives.

You can submit your Economic Survey online at


If you are opting out and do not want to disclose your household's financial information, your child will continue to receive free breakfast and lunch. Breakfast and lunch are free for ALL NYC students regardless of what you put on the form.


You can opt out by clicking the box that says "I do not wish to provide my household information" but then you need to complete filling out the form by listing all of your children who attend NYC public school along with their DOB and OSIS (Student ID). You can find your child's Student ID in Operoo or your NYCSA accounts. At the end of the form you need to digitally certify and submit. You will receive a receipt in your email in-box if you have correctly submitted the form.


Below is a photograph showing the opt out box checked off (in blue).

If you have questions about completing the form, please email me at


PS 107 is trying to be a paper-free school, but we do have paper forms if you want one. Please email to request a paper form. 


Pro tip: copy and paste the link into your browser if it doesn't work while in the Konstella app