Please read! DOE Student Accounts and Summer Online Program Access
Fri, Jun 12 9:50am

Hello PS 107 Families,
I hope everyone is doing well.


There have been some inquiries regarding which programs/apps/websites will be accessible for student use over the summer.   Teachers and staff will be working on providing your child with the information they will need to continue summer learning in both on and offline forms.


In the meantime, if you could please acquire your child's DOE Student Account information.  

The directions are in the following link and when it asks for your child's OSIS # that is the 9 digit GSuite password that your child has been using to login to Google Classroom.


Please write down the DOE Student Account Login and Password in a safe place, PS 107 does not have access to this information.  You might also want to write down your child's' GSuite information (login and password) and remind students to never change their password or try to add Google + to their accounts.  


By end of day on Monday, I will send out a Google Form via your child's Google Email asking for their current class assignment (grade-room i.e., 2-204) and their DOE Login i.e.,  


I have also reattached the link to fill out to request an iPad from the DOE.


Thank you in advance for your assistance.  By obtaining this information, before September, it will help us troubleshoot in advance any issues and have all pertinent information on file for 2020-2021.

Here's is some helpful information:


**** 5th Graders!  Once you establish your DOE accounts, you should begin moving your work from your PS 107 Google Drive to the new DOE account drive for Middle School.


  • Try to shut down your child's device often.  When it powers back on, it picks up program updates over your internet/WiFI.
  • Make sure your Google Chrome Browser is continuously up to date.  
  • Delete any extensions that might have been downloaded in error.
    (I will make a video to circulate on how to do the above 3 things and will send out via Konstella )

Thank you again!

Ms. Marybeth