Please set up your child's DOE Account asap!
Wed, Jun 17 11:56am

Dear Families,


We currently use the PS 107 GSuite but with all other schools will be migrating to a DOE GSuite Platform.  To make the transition as seamless and less time consuming for me, Ms. Marybeth, I do need your assistance in getting me the information.  Otherwise, I would have to do it manually.


In the Google Classroom Classwork tab, are all the instructions and the Google Form under "DOE Student Accounts."  For 5th grade, you will need to access your child's DOE Accounts but I don't need the information.  I believe the DOE will migrate your child's entire Google Drive over to the new DOE account so you don't need to do anything, unlike my other email that said to move files. 

If you are not yet attached to my Google Classroom, there is still time!

PreK:  "atjletu"

Kinder: "pih2uuj"

1st:  "kipr5mn"

2nd:  "bd4q7q3"

3rd:  "nmysn3p"  (the new Code Monkey code is "g7xmu"   I typed it incorrectly)

4th:  "kozspd7"  (not a zero)

5th:  "tdybzwy"

Please look through the information and if you have any questions, please let me know.

Ms. Marybeth