Port in a Storm
Mon, Dec 21 10:42am

This year has been hard, and the only constant has been change. The contrast to the shadows is the light shining on what is most important: Above all, we want to protect our children - to keep them healthy, physically and mentally; to surround them with caring adults; and to help them thrive - not just survive - through a wonderful education. 


For many families, PS 107 has been a port in the storm. This is our community. Let’s show our gratitude to teachers and school leaders, and let’s make it strong for our kids. Please make your gift the Annual Fund now.


At the most recent PTA meeting, Principal Eve Litwack said, “We want to be able to do as much for the kids as we can every single year.” 


The school’s need this year is at least $200,000. Help us reach this goal by making a gift of whatever amount is right for you - whether $10 or $5,000. In case this is helpful to know, so far this year, the median gift is $500, and the average is $967. 


If you have any questions, please contact parent Elizabeth de Velasco at elizabeth@ps107.org. 


Thank you! Here’s to 2021 and better days to come.


P.S. To make your gift, please click here to be sent to the Konstella Annual Fund page. Thank you!