Prospect Park Junior Volunteer Family Clean-up Event - December 3rd (more spots added!)
Sun, Dec 3 1:00pm-2:30pm
Prospect Park Bandshell

Hi all,

If you tried to sign up and the spots were full, we have been able to add 10 more spots for a total of 25 (adults and kids inclusive)! 


For those of you that already signed up: I will hear back from the parks department on Tuesday as to whether our time slot will be 1 PM or 1:30. There is a chance that everyone will have to sign up individually, but we are trying to avoid that. Please stay tuned.


Hope everyone has a warm day,





Sunday, December 3rd - 1 or 1:30 pm (tbd)




PS107 will support the Prospect Park Alliance fall Junior Volunteer Corps for raking and litter removal.  Kits will be provided and include all necessary tools. This will be at 1pm or 1:30pm (TBD) and last 1.5 hours.  All ages welcome; children must have a Parent or caregiver signed up with them.  


When you sign up, please indicate the total number including adults and children. We are capped at 15.


Note: We are awaiting their confirmation within the next five days.  Please indicate your commitment to join us and we will be back in touch soon!



Prospect Park Junior Volunteer Family Clean-up Event (Indicate total people, adults and kids) Signed Up: 9 / 25

Sun, Dec 3 1:00pm-2:30pm
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