READ-A-THON + Pajama Day
Fri, Feb 14

Everyone knows the best way to read a book is snuggled in your PJs.  So we've found the best way to combine he two!

Our 6th Annual Read-A-Thon to help promote literacy and a love of reading with our students will kick off with Pajama Day, where kids can get a head start on their reading goals as well as model the latest in nightwear. 

The Read-A-Thon runs from February 15th through Sunday, March 3rd. All reading during that time (including assigned reading) counts towards the Read-A-Thon. Parent/Guardian assisted reading is allowed for K and 1st grade. 

There will be prizes for top readers in each grade (K-5) as well as prizes for the top readers from the entire school! 


In addition to fostering the love of reading, the Read-A-Thon also raises money to fund programs and activities at PS 107! Donors can pledge a certain amount per minute read or may make a flat pledge. Donations can also be made online

Look for more information as the even approaches.