REMINDER: Actions For Safe Communities Letter Writing and Lemonade Stands
Fri, Jun 10 4:42pm

Happy Friday everyone, and happy Brooklyn Pride weekend!


Given the flurry of wonderful school events this week, we wanted to remind everyone of the ongoing actions you and your families can take to speak up and speak out about gun violence and advocate for safe schools and safe communities for all of us.


Two things you can do this weekend:

1.  Bake Sales/Lemonade Stands: 

We saw a lot of success after last weekend's great efforts, and have had requests for more time as we know several people have their stands planned for this weekend.  Get out there if you can, the more the better!  All proceeds will be pooled on Monday and donated to and the GoFundMe supporting victims in Uvlade. 

All proceeds from bake sales can be sent via Venmo to @Gwendolyn-Radsch


2. Write Letters to Elected Officials & Healthcare Workers

Tell those who represent us in Congress about your concerns, demands, expectations.  These are the actions most directly related to creating the necessary pressure to see legislative and regulatory changes.  It's an important way for our kids to learn how to participate and for all of us to take action. 

Also, healthcare workers are on the frontlines seeing the effects of gun violence every day. Write letters of support and appreciation. 

Sample language is attached -these are only suggestions, feel free to personalize and say what feel right to you!  


We will collect all letters by WEDNESDAY, JUNE 15th, so get writing!


thanks for all the great community work you all do all the time!


Any questions, just ask!

The Community Outreach Committee