REMINDER: Afterschool Spring Registration Information
Tue, Dec 18 8:53am

Good Morning Families,
Just a reminder, if you are interested in taking part in Afterschool’s specialty class lottery to become an Afterschool member or add classes in the Spring (beginning in January), this is what you need to do.

To set up an Afterschool Account (Only for those who are not currently enrolled)

  1. Go to our Registration Pageand select New Registrant
  2. Follow all prompts to complete Parent/ Guardian and Child information


To request a new class

  • Check out the list of classes with seats available Here: Spring Specialty Class Schedule
  • Log into your Afterschool Account by going to our Registration Page
  • Click on (Dashboard) and scroll down until you see your child(ren)’s name
  • Hover over the colored toolbar next to your child’s name and click on “ADD”
  • Submit first, second, and third choices for new classes (Instruction will be listed on the “ADD” form)


How are class placements chosen?  Slots will be opened in existing classes from those who have been dropped. Priority for slots in classes will go to those who do not have classes for a given day, and class placement for everyone will be done by lottery.  Please note that some classes are more competitive to get into than others.  Selecting a class on the ADD form does not confirm a spot, just your chance of being selected, which is equal to all others making the request.


Can I email my class request? Sorry, no.  To keep this process smooth for everyone we cannot accept email requests.  We want to make sure every request is viewed and not lost in an email thread.


What if a class is not listed on the Spring schedule? If a class does not appear on the schedule, it means we do not have openings at this time.


What if I miss the December 20thADD deadline? We will need to take our system offline in order to complete registration and update families’ accounts.  If you miss this deadline we will assist you in selecting classes from those with openings after the lottery starting on December 29th.


When will I see my class changes posted to my Afterschool account?

On December 29

Please note:  our system will be down December 21st till December 29th - from while we implement changes. 


Important Registration Dates:

  • December 14th: Open classes will be posted
  • December 14th-20th: Families inform us of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd class choice options (We have extended this deadline to the 20that 10:00 pm. Forms will no longer be accessible after that time and must be completed by 10:00 pm)
  • December 29th: Families can log into their account to see their Spring class schedule
  • December 29th: Families accept their schedule (no action require by families in this case) or inform us they do not want to accept schedule (families inform us which classes they do not want to accept and we adjust accordingly)
  • January 1st: First billing date for the Spring session


Have a wonderful morning,

Sandy Phillips
Executive Director
Park Slope Afterschool Center