Wed, Sep 22 11:01am

In an effort to further streamline arrivals, beginning tomorrow, Thursday 9/23,  all students will walk into their assigned entrance UNESCORTED. We will have staff on hand to help for any students who don't know where their classroom is located. 


Following is the morning drop off routine:


  • EVERYONE is to LINE UP at your assigned entrance
  • ONE-AT-A-TIME, you will approach the staff member at the gate who will check your Operoo and let your child enter the building
  • You do not need to line up with your class, but you need to line up with others using the same entrance
  • Please fill out the Operoo Form at HOME and pull up the receipt from your email in-box before you approach the front of the line. Take a screen shot if necessary.
  • PLEASE DO THIS AT HOME - Cell service around school is sketchy
  • If you are having technology issues and need a paper form, take one from the staff member and step off the line while you fill it out so we can continue to let other students in the building
  • If you arrive a few minutes late, please join the back of the line
  • KINDERGARTEN FAMILIES ON 8TH AVENUE - your teachers will be waiting in the school lobby to escort your children to their classrooms.
  • Please say goodbye before your child is heading upstairs. It is challenging for these little ones with big backpacks to turn around on the stairway. 
  • PREK AND KINDERGARTEN FAMILIES ON 13TH ST - your teachers will be waiting inside the gate to collect your children and bring them inside
  • Anyone who arrives to school after the side entrances are closed, please enter through the front door

THANK YOU for helping us with our morning routine so we can get everyone inside the building quickly and safely.


Any questions? Please contact by email.