Random Testing Next Week
Fri, Nov 13 9:36am

Dear PS107 Families,

As part of New York City’s ongoing effort to stop the spread of COVID-19, and ensure the health and safety of our community, COVID-19 testing of staff and students will be conducted in our school once a month from now through the end of the school year.  We have been notified that the testing provider will be at our school early next week.  Please note that only New York City public school students from grades 1-12 are eligible to be tested.

As the September 29, 2020 letter co-signed by NYC Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza, Executive Director Ted Long of NYC Test & Trace Corps, and Dr. Dave Chokshi, Commissioner of NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene state, the test is easy, quick, and safe.  A “short swab” (similar to a Q-tip) will be inserted into the front part ofof the nose for five to ten seconds.  Later this school year, it is possible that tests will be administered by collecting a small amount of saliva (spit).

This brief video about the short swab test may be helpful to share with your child:   https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=392903652100321

Only student and school-based staff members with signed and submitted consent forms are eligible to be tested.  The consent form has been loaded into Operoo for easy access.  Your child will not be tested if they are uncomfortable or become distressed at any point during the process.  If that happens, we will work with you to address any potential concerns so that your child is comfortable participating in future testing.

If your child is tested at school, information about the testing process, and when and how you will receive the results, will be sent home with your child.  The majority of all testing results will be available within 48 hours.  If your child tests positive for COVID-19, the testing provider will notify you via a telephone call, and NYC Test & Trace Corps will call to provide your family with resources and support.

If any member of the school community tests positive during this testing process, our school community will continue to follow the guidelines outlined on the Health & Safety section of the website: www.schools.nyc.gov/RTShealthsafety.

We deeply appreciate your partnership and your commitment to keeping our school community safe and healthy.