Regional Enrichment Centers - Enrollment Form
Thu, Apr 2 11:41am

Hello Families,


For those needing out-of-home childcare while parents/guardians are working in essential services, the Department of Education has expanded the list of "first responders". There are many more eligible occupations than has been widely publicized. There is also a category for "other" where you can write in your occupation.


If you intend to fill out this form and apply for a spot at a REC, please let me know.


The link to the enrollment form is below. To view the form in an alternate language, use the drop down menu on the upper right of the form.


FYI, PS 107 is not open. The closest REC is PS130 upper campus at 713 Caton Avenue.


Let me know if you have any questions at


Stay safe! - Pamela