Remember PS107 on #Giving Tuesday!
Thu, Nov 16 8:01pm

Dear PS107 Families,

As we get ready for the holiday season, now is the time we begin to remember the things we are truly grateful for in our lives. One of the things we all share is how grateful we are for our PS107 community.

Thank you to those of you who have shown your gratitude by giving to our Annual Fund already this year. And for those who haven't yet: Don’t fret! We are about to make it super easy for you!

GIVING TUESDAY is on November 28th this year. If you are trying to make a decision about which organizations to give to on this day, we've got one for you—PS107! Donate to us, your PS107 PARENT TEACHER ASSOCIATION. Put us on the top of your list! Make us your charity of choice on Tuesday, November 28!

This is where it gets even easier… Your plucky PTA board will be at the school on Tuesday, November 28 during:
Drop-off 7:45am–8:20am
Pick-up 2:25pm–2:40pm
And even Afterschool pick-up 5pm–6pm

We will be standing by with cash boxes and credit card readers, so you can make your contribution to the Annual Fund by check or by credit card in just minutes.

Our Goal is to raise $11215 on November 28th alone! Help us meet that goal.
To meet that goal means we need at least:
25 families donating the $450 amount or
13 families to give at the $875 amount or
9 families to give at the $1250 amount

We are working really hard to achieve our overall goal of $200,000 for our Annual Fund drive this year. Remember, this is the money that allows our teachers to have substitutes so they can participate in professional development, this is the money that goes towards our residencies, swim class, dreambox and numerous field trips. We all want to meet this goal!

Spread some joy on Tuesday, November 28 and feel real, real good about doing it!

And if you’re a monthly donation kind of family then do so here:

Thank you! And Save the Date!
-Your PS107 PTA Executive Board