Reminder- please set up your child's new DOE GSuite account
Fri, Jun 19 8:57am


Hello again,


Thank you to the 80 families that have already set up their Child's DOE GSuite account and filled out the Google Form.   As mentioned, this will prevent Ms. Marybeth from having to do it manually and entering 400 plus OSIS #s and DOBs by hand.


Here's the information again and it's under Classwork on Ms. Marybeth's STEM/CS Google Classroom where the Google Form lives.

If you can't access the Google Form, feel free to send me the information via email and I can enter that for you.


Please acquire your child's DOE Student Account information.

The directions are in the following link and when it asks for your child's OSIS # that is the 9 digit GSuite password that your child has been using to login to Google Classroom.


Please fill out the attached Google Form that is under Classwork in Ms. Marybeth's STEM/CS Google Classroom and write down the DOE Student Account Login and Password in a safe place, PS 107 does not have access to this information.


You might also want to write down your child's' GSuite information (login and password) and remind students to never change their password or try to add Google + to their accounts.


Thank you!