Reminders for this Week - PLEASE READ!!
Mon, Sep 28 2:42pm

Daily Health Screening on Operoo is Required

In order for your child to enter the building, you must:

  1. Take your child's temperature in the morning before school
  2. Respond to the questions sent to you via Operoo
  3. Operoo will send you an email confirmation that you will show to the staff member at your child's assigned entrance via your cell phone
  4. Or you can print and bring the paper copy of the daily confirmation to school
  5. If you do not take these steps at home you will be asked to step off the line where your child's temperature can be taken and you will fill out a form before your child can enter the building

Wait on the Line Outside the Gate at Your Child's Assigned Door

  • In keeping with CDC and NYS guidelines for health and safety, we are minimizing the crowds by utilizing all available entrances to the school
  • Your child was assigned an entrance closest to his/her classroom to use on every hybrid school day
  • Signs will be posted with classroom numbers and arrows at each entrance
  • DO NOT CONGREGATE - Please stand in line at least 3 feet apart outside the gate nearest to your assigned entrance
  • Your assigned entrance is listed on Operoo on your classroom/teacher notification so please look it up today if you don't remember
  • Dismissal will be at your child's assigned door. Please pick up your child and leave. Please do not congregate outside of the school.
  • It may rain tomorrow morning so be prepared to wait on line dressed for inclement weather


Additional Reminders

  • A and B Days are listed on the school calendar on Konstella
  • Send your children to school with a full water bottle that is labeled with your child's first and last name
  • Send young children to school with an extra set of clothes in case of accidents and make sure everything is labeled with first and last name
  • Grab and Go Breakfast and Lunch are free for all students
  • Remote learning families may pick up Grab and Go meals from the main entrance of school every day from 9am - 12pm. 
  • We are in the midst of a pandemic. This is the year to be overly cautious and keep your child home if they are sick, or in close proximity to someone who is sick. Call to let us know why you are keeping your child home.
  • Please liaise directly with your classroom teacher for questions regarding your child's daily schedule or class assignments, whether remote or hybrid


Call or email Pamela Rosenberg, Parent Coordinator: