SAVE THE DATE! STEM Day will be Saturday, March 9 from 12-3pm
Sat, Mar 9

Mark your calendars and get ready for STEM day on Saturday, March 9 from 12-3pm (and consider volunteering!). 

During STEM Day, PS107 will turn into an interactive Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics Extravaganza! There’ll be hands-on activities, experiments and demonstrations on every floor. 

To be sure that this day is special for our community, we’re looking for volunteers to help plan and manage the event. Please sign-up below if you can help. 

We also need activity leads. Activities can be led by caregivers or local STEM-based organizations. Do you have an idea for a workshop you’d like to lead? Or want to help run a workshop? Sign up below!

Everyone is welcome to volunteer, whether you have a background in STEM or simply a passion for promoting STEM education.

If you have any questions please contact event lead, Christina at


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Sat, Mar 9

I'd like to lead an activity or workshop Signed Up: 2 / 2

Sat, Mar 9

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Sat, Mar 9