SLT Letter Regarding Officer Sharon
Sun, Apr 30 9:45pm

Dear PS107 Families, 

As many of you read in Ms. Joanna's letter last Sunday, Agent Sharon was assigned to a new school at the end of her medical leave in early April.  Agent Sharon has been a member of the PS107 community for 17 years now.  Her familiarity with the faculty, parents, and students at our school is invaluable to the safety of PS107.   
Ms. Joanna has pursued multiple avenues, but unfortunately, none have resulted in the immediate reassignment of Agent Sharon back to PS107.  We would like to encourage every parent at PS107 to send this letter to the NYPD, DOE, and City Council members listed at the top of the letter.  We hope that collectively, our voices will be loud enough to make a difference.  
Thank you.
The parents of the SLT
Jill Davitt
Caitlin Gallagher
Laurie Tamis
Tali Horowitz